To get started you first need a Web3 wallet where you can securely keep your assets and that allows you to interact with the world of blockchain. If you don't have a Web3 wallet or don't know what it is, please click here.

You'll need to:

  1. Connect your Web3 wallet

  2. Wrap wallet funds into Super Tokens

  3. Start a stream!

Step 1 - Connect your Web3 wallet

The first step to access Superfluid is to connect your Web3 wallet. To do so please visit and select the wallet provider you would like to connect.

Once you do so your wallet will request to connect to Superfluid. You'll need to approve the request to enter the dashboard. Make sure you select the network you want to use. Superfluid is currently available on Polygon, xDAI and several testnets.

As soon as your wallet is connected, Superfluid dashboard will load a short onboarding process, and if you're using a testnet, it will mint some testnet tokens to play around with!

Step 2 - Wrap Funds

Superfluid is useful only if you have funds in your account. If this is the very first time you interact with Superfluid you need to wrap tokens, making them Super Tokens and enabling Superfluid's features.

Our dashboard will guide you step by step in wrapping your first tokens. You need to select the currency you would like to wrap and the amount. Once you initiate the wrapping transaction, your wallet will ask you to confirm two transactions to process your wrap request, one to Approve smart contracts to spend your token and the other to upgrade your tokens to Super Tokens using the wrapper.

Please be aware that the transactions might take some time to be confirmed by the network, so your balance could still be zero until the transactions are processed correctly.

If your wallet already has active streams or Super Token funds the dashboard will load immediately displaying your account balance, streams and transactions.

Step 3 - Start a stream! ✌️

You can now start sending streaming payments, manage your Super Token balances and interact with the broader Superfluid world.

If you have any questions just click on the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of your browser to seek help from our team. Welcome on board!

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