Using Superfluid often requires wrapping your tokens to give them extended functionalities and to allow them to be sent in a stream on-chain. Superfluid is non-custodial, you will always be in control of your tokens via your private key.

To wrap your tokens you will need to:

  1. Use the Wrap button on the top menu

  2. Select the currency you would like to wrap

  3. Select the amount you would like to wrap

  4. Confirm an approve transaction via your wallet

  5. Confirm the upgrade transaction via your wallet

In the top left corner of the dashboard you can see your wallet address and three green buttons. Click the one with " + Wrap ".

Then select the currency in which you would like to start a stream, you can also search for other currencies if you don’t see the one desired. Then select how much you would like to wrap: you can select as little and as much as you would like to.

Hit the "Wrap" button on the bottom of the menu.

Your wallet will request you to "Approve" a smart contract to make use of the currency amount you selected, and subsequently will request you to initiate an "Upgrade" transaction on the blockchain.

Both these actions can take from a few seconds to a few hours to complete, depending on how much "gas" you decide to use. In normal conditions, using the suggested gas, these transactions should be confirmed within minutes.

Now you should be able to see the currency you have wrapped on the dashboard balance under "Your balance in USD" and in the Currencies tab you can access via the left bar menu.

All set, now you can Send your first steam! ✌️

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