Starting a stream means starting a flow of Super Tokens from your wallet to another address. After you've wrapped tokens that you want to stream into the platform, it’s time to start a stream.

To start a stream you will need to:

  1. Press Send from the Dashboard

  2. Enter the stream details

  3. Press "Start Stream" and confirm the transactions

In the top left corner of the dashboard there you can see: Superfluid logo, your wallet address, and three green buttons. The button in the middle says "→ Send", click on it. You should be able to see a smaller pop-up window.

The first column says "Enter address" - simply enter the address where you want to send tokens via stream. Make sure it's an account that can accept streams and not an exchange address - most exchanges can't accept Super Tokens.

The second column says "+ Select currency" and it will show you Super Tokens, or tokens that you've wrapped using the protocol. Pick whichever you'd like to stream.

The box with "0.00" (left) means how much of the desired token you want to stream. The box next to it (right) means the frequency of the amount.

The "Start Stream" box will show you a warning about the Stream Buffer. In order to ensure streams don't overrun, the Superfluid protocol requires a buffer of 4 hours stream value, which is immediately deducted from your Super Token balance in the same transaction as starting the stream.

The buffer is returned to you when you cancel the stream or lost if you don't close the stream before your Super Token balance reaches zero. Don't forget to cancel the stream before you run out of funds!

Once you've confirmed the details, press the green button "Start Stream". Your wallet will request you to submit a contract interaction transaction to start the stream on the blockchain.

This action can take from a few seconds to a few hours to complete, depending on how much "gas" you decide to use. In normal conditions, using the suggested gas, transactions should be confirmed within minutes.

In a few moments, the stream will appear in your dashboard and Streams tab.

That's it! ✌️

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