When you need to cancel a Super Token stream, you can do so easily from the Superfluid dashboard. The Dashboard allows you to see any ongoing streams on the main dashboard page or on the Streams tab.

To cancel your stream you will need to:

  1. Navigate to the active streams section on the main dashboard page

  2. Click on the stream to expand the stream details

  3. Click "Cancel stream"

  4. Confirm the cancellation transaction via your wallet

On the main dashboard page, find the section on active streams, headed by the number of incoming and outgoing streams. "X Outgoing, X Incoming streams"

Then find the stream you'd like to cancel and click on it to expand the full stream details. You'll be able to see the recipient, amount per month, your stream deposit buffer, and the amount sent so far.

Click "Cancel stream". Your wallet will request you to submit a contract interaction transaction to cancel on the blockchain.

This action can take from a few seconds to a few hours to complete, depending on how much "gas" you decide to use. In normal conditions, using the suggested gas, transactions should be confirmed within minutes.

Now you should see the stream marked as cancelled in the Streams tab on the dashboard and no longer on the primary dashboard page.

That's it! ✌️

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