Superfluid Dashboard Overview
An overview of the Superfluid Dashboard's user interface
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You can see a number of tabs containing the primary features of the Dashboard:

  • Dashboard: See a list of your real time Super Token balances, and click through to see the payments associated with them.

  • Wrap/Unwrap: Turn your standard ERC20s in to Super Tokens to give them Superfluid functionality.

  • Send Stream: Create a new stream or modify an existing one here.

  • Activity History: See all Super Token activity associated with your account.

  • Address Book: Save addresses and add human-readable names for recurring payments.

  • Ecosystem: See all the other projects you can use that are built on Superfluid.

You can also see buttons for:

  • Connecting your wallet (Top Left & Center): Use with any wallet that supports Ethereum addresses.

  • View as any address: See the Dashboard as any other user, to check your balance without your wallet connected or otherwise.

  • Network selection (Top Right): Switch your network here for Super Token and stream-related operations.

  • Chat (Bottom Left): Speak to us at Superfluid for feedback or support.

The Dashboard also illustrates the main steps required to try streaming for the first time.

For all new users, we recommend trying to stream on a testnet for the first time. You can switch your wallet to a testnet once connected using the network selector in the top right.

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