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Set up Vesting Schedules
Set up Vesting Schedules

Vest your tokens using Superfluid's Dashboard

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  1. Apply for access

  2. Go to Vesting Tab

  3. Connect Wallet

  4. Check App Network

  5. Create Vesting Schedule

  6. Submit Schedule & Set Permissions

  7. Review on Vesting Tab

  8. FAQs

⚠️ Please read these FAQs before vesting.

1. Apply for Access

All sender wallet addresses or contract wallets must be whitelisted for correct functioning of the feature.

Try out the feature on Goerli testnet or fill out this form to request access:

2. Go to Vesting Tab

Find the Vesting tab on the sidebar.

3. Connect Wallet

Click the button to see options for connecting your wallet.

Using Gnosis Safe? Use the Safe App in the Safe App interface, or add the Superfluid App as a custom app by its normal URL.

4. Check App Network

Ensure the network in the top right matches your intended Vesting network and where your vesting assets are located.

5. Create Vesting Schedule

Click "Create Vesting Schedule"

Use the green button in the top right of the unlocked Vesting tab

Select Receiver

Make sure your receiver address is a non-exchange wallet address and can access the Superfluid Dashboard to manage their tokens

Select Super Token

Select the Super Token you want to vest. Do you need to add a new token to be supported by Superfluid? Check out this guide.

Selecting Start Date

You can select a start date in the future for the schedule to start, which must be at least 30 mins in the future.

Select Total Vesting Amount

Make sure the total matches your total intended amount.

Select Vesting Period

The Vesting period should match the total duration of vesting from the start date. It must be at least 60 minutes from the Start Date or Cliff if testing.

Choose Cliff/no Cliff

If you would like to include a cliff, no balances will change until it passes. Tokens from the cliff duration will be transferred in bulk after the cliff period in addition to starting the stream.

Optional: Select Cliff Amount and Cliff Period

The Total Vesting period and amount will be inclusive of the Cliff Period and amount.

Optional: Select Automatic Wrapping

Automatic wrapping will keep all your outgoing flows for a selected token topped up from your underlying token balance (except vesting cliffs). You must always ensure you have enough underlying token to continue your streams or they will be liquidated.


Check all details are correct

6. Submit Schedule & Set Permissions

Your wallet will prompt you to execute two transactions, make sure they are all processed or else the automation may fail later.

7. Review on Vesting Tab

The main Vesting Tab will now include details of your newly set up Vesting Schedule, click on the table row to show the full details.

8. FAQs and Known Issues

Gnosis Safe Permissions

Currently, permissions may not work correctly on Gnosis Safes when setting up multiple schedules at once


  • Set up all schedules and execute on multisig

  • Check permissions & allowances table

  • Click “fix allowances” and execute if any any red marks

Only one stream per sender-receiver-token

You may not vest to addresses you’re already streaming the same token to, as only one stream can exist between each sender and receiver per token.


  • Send to or from a different address

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