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Superfluid Push Channel
Superfluid Push Channel

How to use the Superfluid official Push channel for Superfluid activity notifications

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The Push channel for Superfluid is a great way to get Superfluid activity alerts for your address. The channel supports notifications across all Superfluid networks and all listed Super Tokens.

The two notification types we’ll be supporting at a launch are:

  • Super Token balances are low for outgoing streams

  • A Super Token balance hit zero and outgoing streams were liquidated

At launch, alerts will be updated every 15 minutes.

Note: The wallet you connect to the Push Dapp must be the same as the address you want to monitor - for now! We’ll be adding a lot more configuration options via a dedicated Superfluid Dashboard UI in the coming weeks and months.

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Once the Superfluid channel loads, it will look like this:

  3. Look for the Opt-in button on the far right hand side of the row

  4. Press the button and sign the transaction to Opt-In. It’s gas-free!

  5. Navigate to your Push App inbox to see the notifications appear in the app.

  6. Click the notification to get to a screen where you can wrap more tokens and top up your low balance

  7. Download the Push Apps for Browser, iOS or Android, or go to the Push docs for integrating the channel into your application!

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